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    Is there any software that makes me able to write a word on the movie screen like
    in the tmd moviez you can see the words (Tmd-Moviez) (

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    its called a water mark, why do you need to do that, like what are your intentions ??

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    you can do that through virtualdub..

    use for documentation, it might sound difficult at beginning but you will get the hang of it

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    If you just want to add a watermark on like maybe an intro or something, I'd use an video splitter to split that part off from the rest of the movie.

    Then throw it in a video editing program that has the subititle editor, etc., add a little transparancy then reproduce it as whatever the source as( avi wmv xvid etc.)

    Then use video splitter to join the two files again.

    Otherwise, you have to re-encode the entire movie AGAIN and defintatly have some sort of noticeable loss in quality.
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    This thread is 4 years old.

    I don't think the thread starter is standing by for answers anymore.


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