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Thread: Hi - Fi Problem

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    I have a Kenwood RXD355 and when i tried to switch it on today the display just said "Protect". I cant access anything on the stereo at all. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but it still says "Protect"

    When i read through the manual it didnt mention any troubleshooting tips...

    I even tried to reset the microchip but the bloody thing is locked up completely....

    I am NOT going to have it repaired because i can buy a new one for around 200. But do i need to buy a new one? Or CAN you help me PLEASE


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    Someone out there must be able to help...

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    Hey DaveM,

    Seem like you are asking about a stereo component issue. My guess is that you may not get a direct solution to the "Protect" issue. My suggestion, check with Kenwood Support Services. You can call them toll free or via email........I'd make contact before running out and buying something new. Who knows may be a simple solution, hope you get it worked out.
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    I worked in the electronics repair business. Your stereo is broken and must be fixed. There is nothing you can do unless you have gone to school for electronics, know how to read a schematic and can troubleshoot.
    Alot of home stereos have a "protect" mode. This is a reactionary symptom to some sort of problem. The microprocessor has detected a voltage irregularity in some ciruit. Sometimes(only sometimes) unplugging the stereo for an hour or so will reset the micro and it will work. This is what the mfg. will tell you to do. But frankly it rarely does.
    I can tell you that a typical repair will run between $75-100. It only gets more expensive from there. It is rare for a repair to exceed $150. Use this as a guide for determing whether to repair or replace. Keep in mind that when electronics are repaired they are like new. There is no wear and tear on electical components! (no moving parts)
    Hope that helps


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