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Thread: Astraweb has stopped accepting Paypal as a form of payment

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    So Astraweb has stopped accepting Paypal as a form of payment, I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about directly giving them my CC info. Anyone have any reliable newz site suggestions? I was paying $8 for unlimited.

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    I read about this on reddit, I guess paypal dropped them. they most likely will be dropping every usenet provider just because they can. They already did this kind of thing with most indexing sites.

    everyone likes to bad mouth Astraweb because of it's poor level of service and that is true but no one points out that they never have raised there prices in 10 years. what I would do with them is buy a prepaid visa card and just register it and use that with them for that service. or just buy a block account for 50 dollars, that's the best deal going. reddit has a really good Usenet provider map so you should have two Usenet providers that are not on the same path, if you want to get any tv shows on a Sunday night, that is what I do.

    but you may want Astraweb because it has no resellers.

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    Well, it is quite sad news. Because paypal was a secure payment system. But now giving my personal banking details is quite scary as it could be misused. They should come up with other options that are reliable and people have trust on it.

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    Unfortunately I stopped using AstraWeb because of the PayPal issue. I was thinking of trying PaySafeCard. Don't know if AstraWeb accepts it though. A prepaid MC or Visa is also an option.

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    I dont think paypal is much more secure than CC. Why dont you try bitcoin instead? You could buy some here (as an example):

    Disclaimer: I dont know paxful, I just read here

    about it.

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    That is a shame because my Astraweb account has just run out of credit and was just about to make payment. I don;t really want to use cards connected to my main baking accounts and so wil think about looking in to a prepaid Mastercard or Visa. I don;t know anything about how they work. I presume you preload them with credit and then the card company takes some sort of percentage per transaction, is that right?

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    Well they accept payments via iDeal and Sofort so if its not giving astraweb your card details then that's an alternative to paypal

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    yeh, it was shit when paypal stopped
    but i have moved to tweaknews, seems ok so far, but still see DMCA corrupted on incomplete posts

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    Do you get that with NZB from here?

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    There are companies hired by movie studios (TV and music) to remove (inform newsgroup providers) of any instance of their copyright work stored on NGs. The posters have made it harder for the companies to find stuff, but it has also made it harder for us folks to find it.
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