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Thread: Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo!

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    I have a Nvidia GForce4 Mx420 4X AGP 4x and 64MB memory/Athlon 2400 and 512megs of DDR RAM. I can't play Deus Ex with it cuz it tells me I need something like "pixel shader 1.1". I have the latest driver 52.xx and directX 9b. This absolutely SUCKS!! My card is only about a year old and they are already putting out games I can't play. It's one thing to have it run slow and have to tweak the settings but.... Grrrr. Just had to get that off my chest. Does anyone know if this is a hardware issue in which case it is my card or is there some sort of patch that might make it playable. Seems rather odd to make a game that is optimized for Nvidia graphics cards... but only some.

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    It is a hardware issue, because you card doesn't have a pixel shader. The game doesn't support any of the MX series and that sux. I wanted to play Silent Hill 3 but that also requires a pixel shader.

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    any played the demo and how goos is it
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