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Thread: Types Of Films

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    I know there used to be a Pinned topic about all the different types of films that people can get (and how they were made, eg dvd-rip, cam, etc), but I can't find it any more.

    For example, last night I got a Matrix Revolutions film which said it was released by The Movie Depot (TMD), and in the filename it has TCR. What is a TCR film and how is it made?

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    TMD and TCR films are groups of people who take video cameras into theaters and film the movie. These are refered to as "cams", and as you can imagine, they are mostly of a poorer quality. Not all, but it is safe to say they are. Also, cams are a lot better for people on 56k modems as the files are a lot smaller than other file types.

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    hell i knew about the cam part but the 56k part new to me .this maybe a dumb question but how much of a difference is the 56k to what ever other modem im not computer literated

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    Well, a 56k modem is about the slowest possible connection you can have (tho there are still people on archiac 28k modems , might as well tie two cans to a piece of string ) For example, with a 56k modem the most you can get is like 5-7k at a time, but with broadband i regularly get speeds of up to 80k.


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