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Thread: Kazaa Lite Search Engine Questions....

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    Hi All,

    I was curious if there is a web page that explains how the search engine in kazaa lite works ?

    Is it boolean ?

    What do "quotes" do ?

    How are hyphens treated by it ?

    Other odd characters like these &*^%$#@ ?

    Any tips people have found ?

    I just now searched for a song. The band is cut n move.
    I tried searching for cut-n-move with hyphens and I got
    back the song I wanted but it was titled cut'n'move with
    apostrophes. I like that the search found songs similar
    but just curious what is going on behind the scenes.... *smile

    ciao, JM

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    I'm pretty sure it's not boolean, and in my experience it doesn't matter if you have quotes, hyphens, dollar signs, etc. if you're searching for "all" in a certain category.
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