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Thread: Admin please help. Donator limited to 2 grabs

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    Need alittle help, I was doing some searching and hit a limit of 2 grabs this wouldnt be a worry but I am a donator and have been for I tried to use the contact us link and ended up with a window that says "Sorry. The email function has been disabled by the administrator." I havent found anywhere else to get into contact with an admin to look over this for me......please help im freaking out over here like a crack head at the end of the

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    The user change history says your donation expired on August 2016. If this is incorrect (or you've donated again since and it didn't register), please contact the administrator at fstadmin /at\
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    Thanks so much for the clarification, simple fix.

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    Good job

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    I've got this problem now too, how did you end up fixing it?


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