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Thread: Bt Not Working Any More!?

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    I've been using BT w/ SHADOWS experimental ver. and have been downloading jus fine...until recently anytime i click on a d/l I get an error that goes sumthin like this ---> c:\documents and settings\ user\local settings\temp internet files\content IE5\mncavn5a6\732[1].torrent does not exist.
    I havent changed any previous settings when it was working ( although i did just install office 2003.. don't know if that has anything to do with it).... I've reinstalled the client and tried Burst client and still get no d/l action, it just suddenly just stopped working....whhhyyyyyyyyyyyy???

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2 I deleted all my temp internet files....and tadaaa!! what was once not workin is now workin....but i still don't know why it stopped it because the clients were down or sumthin in my temp files was messed???? can anyone help to prevent any future headaches??

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    Methinks you might have one-clicked the torrent, then later Save Target As... on the torrent. It resaves the same torrent in a different place, your Client can no longer find the torrent. In the future save the torrent to your desktop and assign it to run with your Client (right click, open with...). From then on just double click the torrent on your desktop... tadaa!


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