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Thread: Problem With Filesharing And Other Things

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    My internet connection seems to be semi-dead, I can use the internet and play some games but things like kazaa or dc++ do not connect and it will connect to my hotmail account but not my ntl one (I have a 1mb ntl connection) and this just happened suddenely on it's own I did not install or open anything it just happened while I was on dc++ I have tried restarts and shit but it wont stop. I am using xp pro no sp1

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    hmm.. I have similar issue with Win98 - one time I started as every time
    my local webserver abyss and typed in the browser localhost but got
    site not found error - and when dialing it connected to the internet but I could
    not browse any site - I think something with some necessary dlls went wrong -
    or some network configuration

    I reinstalled everything and now it works again - but reinstalling I hate it!


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