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Thread: When do you wake up usually ?

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    How much do you hate your work ?
    And how does it feel in the morning ?

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    6:50am, very much so, about 6 and a half inches, throbbing.

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    I wake up at 7.30
    My work starts at around 9
    Since my work place is only 200 meters away from home , Its no big deal

    Same like my wife's home .
    That is 500 meters away

    My ex girl friend's home is 1200 meters away
    She shifted from her old place and now is more closer to my home .

    I hope you are reading it from some place EX .Lol
    I saw your new home girlfriend , I knew it was your home when i saw your mother inside it .
    Cool place

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    It depends when I'm due to start work. On some mornings like weekends its about 8am when the dog decides I've had enough of a lie in and its time for "walkies". During the week it's 6am when my alarm clock goes off, though I get my own back on the dog and drag wher out for a walk as she gives me a bleary eyed look from under her blanket.

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    I have no idea what Mulder's penis feels like. Strange of you ask.

    I assume probably like everyone else's except sadder.
    It's all Meg's fault.

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    This thread is supposed to be a bit more longer with more people participating .
    I wonder what happened to all the people in FST

    I hope you are all doing great

    I am a second year commerce degree student right now
    6 more months and i am final year student of commerce
    That is something exciting

    I am working and studying at the same time .
    Not at the same time , but at different times

    I work in the morning , come back to home in the evening and again starts studying from 8 or 9 till 11 or 12 .

    It was very boring in the begining , Now its more fun

    The subject i am learning right now is called management accounting , Its about estimation of cost and such
    Unlike Financial accounting , There is no standard forms to record transactions .

    That is enough for this commerce degree , Distance education one .

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    I usually wake up after i go to sleep , Lol

    Anybody know where to progress from here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbully3 View Post
    I usually wake up after i go to sleep , Lol

    Anybody know where to progress from here ?
    ~ █▄Ơ♥Є ƬƦƛƝƇЄ ᙢᕰᔕIᑕ ŦƠƦЄƔЄƦ ~
    ☼✿♫ ❤‿♥ ☆**☆ ◔‿◕ ♫✿☼

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    Thanks , Oh by the way old members , Sorry for the double accounts .
    Have to keep track of the date somehow , you know
    It's a slow progress unfortunately

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    But for the fact that I must exchange labor for money, and am still quite a ways from the sweet embrace of passive-income life, all would be perfect.

    Nevertheless, I don't hate my work. I quite enjoy it!

    I tend to wake up around the same time as Mr. Mulder, but mine throbs through the night and is quite subdued in the early hours.

    When I wake up it usually hurts.
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