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Thread: Why DC hubs make it miserable by requiring to use tags before username?

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    If you connect some of the biggest DC (direct connect) hubs, and try to execute: +regme
    command, you may get reply:

    Your nick must start with: !!!(Europa-Vip)

    This is strange request. My aim is to connect as many hubs as possible to reach largest user base possible (to find most of the files during search and also as much users as possible reach my content).

    Is there any work/hack around so i connect these hubs and also others that have such requirement?

    My client SW is ApexDC++

    Another strange thing i faced is they ban me because i am using proxy (VPN) which is normal thing so i secure my identity and encrypt data transfer. I feel like hubs are run by stupid, limited people, can anyone explain to me?
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