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Thread: Script Errors On Screen Refresh

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    Every time my screen changes (refreshes) on the Klite web site, I get two Internet explorer script errors: line =3, char = 449, code = 0, url = (1st); line =1204, char = 3, code = 0, url = (2nd). Each one lets me click out, but they keep showing up. I'm using W98 & IE6.0 SP1. Any hints?


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    sometimes when clickin on a special thread on the board - it loads and loads
    and then screen disappear and my pc restarts from me ;(

    Internet Explorer also give sometimes internal error warnings - and close IE.
    If I do not want to have this errors I starting Opera 5.11

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    it may be coming from some type of spyware software. If I were you I would download and run ADAWARE on my computer and remove any spyware and also update your virus scan and scan for viruses just to make sure.

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    What is the error? Is it a runtime error or a software generated message from a third party editor?


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