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Thread: The future of movies

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    The trouble for me with the latest movies is that most seem to have a Woke messages imbedded in it somewhere. What ever happened to entertaining films. More and more theses days I watch the back catalog of movies, CGI is not a requirement for a good movie.

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    A script shouldn't include things that are put there expressly because the scriptwriter feels that those things are somehow now expected from him. ie Q doesn't need to be ghey. I'm sure the entirety of the Bond audience was fine with Q's sexuality never being a topic.
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    I watch the trailers because it give a good indication of how Woke the Movie will be, an instant turn off for me is the politically correct duo, one black guy teamed with a white woman.

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    Also saves been disappointed after watching a trailer and finding all the best bits of the movie were in that and the rest is just filler.

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