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Thread: Two Interesting Articles I Got Mailed To Me

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    IRC networks pulling the plug from file trading
    Two IRC networks (IRC == Internet Relay Chat, a protocol which was developed before the WWW was born) have announced restrictions on file trading in their networks. One of the biggest IRC networks, DALnet, announced on last week that they wont allow IRC channels that are meant only for file trading purposes and will kick such channels out of the network.

    Apparently the MPAA has contacted several network admins in various IRC networks and asked them to take more proactive approach in fight against piracy. One minor IRC network called has announced that it will close down channels if it receives official DMCA complaints from the copyright owners, such as the MPAA and RIAA.

    Article was written at 2/10/2003 13:24

    See other users' comments and post your own opinions!

    Labels fight back to hold DMCA ruling
    On Friday RIAA filed a brief in federal district court in Washington, in which they called the appeal made by Verizon earlier a brazen attempt by the telecommunications firm to "evade its responsibilities under the law."

    According to Matthew Oppenheim, a senior vice president at the RIAA, Verizon is exaggerating the privacy risks caused by DMCA turbocharged subpoena process.

    "In private conversations with the RIAA, Verizon has made it very clear that this is not a privacy issue," Oppenheim said. "They said they would be happy to turn over the names of some of their customers, as long as they don't have to turn over the names of a lot of their customers."

    At issue in the RIAA's request is section 512 of the DMCA, which permits a copyright owner to send a subpoena ordering a "service provider" to turn over information about a subscriber. The service provider must promptly comply with that order, and no judge's approval is required first.

    The fact that there's no legal process involved in the request, is what worries Verizon. And frankly it worries me too.


    Article was written at 2/9/2003 19:14

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    uhhh? jus me, a nooob, I think that sucks....

    Spent all this time doing homework just to hangout online killin' time, burn and turnin, u know. Anyway, guess none of us will know till we get a 404 error.

    Carpe'diem Fellow Webb'rs!

    (is there anyplace else to go, without the firewall feds?

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    irc huh?
    theyll never stop us.
    try as they might, we will find a way.
    thanks for the interesting article mobbos01
    i can believe dalnets going along

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    yay thanx for the reading stu;ff and every thing olk tancks and struff


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