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Thread: Bit Prob

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    hey people,
    i downloaded the game 'the thing' from, using shadow,the download is complete ,now since i am a novice, i dont know i cant file the exe file to start installin the game ,there is 284mb size mdf file ,which when i double click opens the bit client.
    so basically i wanna now tht the download is complete ,how do i start the game.

    p.s:there is a the thing.nfo file which wont open and displays message microsoft system information cannot open this file,the is corrpupted.
    yes i did try the faq i couldnt find a solution.

    ian. B)

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    open the info file in notepad and it will tell you everything
    nfo= info

    and google any file extensions its a Alcohol 120% CD Image File and you can burn it with Alcohol 120% or mount it with daemon tools

    that way it saves cdr's

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    see what i mean now we got bittorrent question in klite question this is how it all starts

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    muscleman could then tell me the right place for my query i would definetly stop troubling u guys.


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    other p2p apps
    but you are not at fault unless you keep opening threads in the wrong section, MM tell a MOD to move it if you feel so strongly although I really don't understand why you do


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