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Thread: Problem With Windows Xp Professional

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    I have DSL provided by MSN/Qwest with an Intel Pro DSL 2200 Modem
    I have to set up a Dial-Up Connection with this modem.

    and here's my situation from the beginning:

    1. Windows Me w/ internet working fine
    2. Upgraded to Windows XP Pro (from KaZaA)
    3. Windows XP w/ internet working fine
    4. I then screwed around with the boot screen. I tried changing it from a boot screen on
    5. The boot screen worked but once the boot sceen finished, my computer wold restart from the Hewlett Packard screen
    to the boot screen and would go into a never ending cycle.
    6. I re-installed Windows XP Pro
    7. I went into the Network Connections > Make a new connection > Make a connection to the internet > Set up internet manually > (and here's the problem) It wouldn't let me choose to create a new Dial-Up Connection, nor would it let me choose to create a Broadband Connection that requires a Name and Password. These choices were greyed out. The only choice was to make a Broadband Connection that is always on, which does not work with my modem.
    8. After 2 hours on the phone with technical support from MSN, they couldn't do a thing
    9. I uninstalled Windows XP Pro and went back to Windows Me
    10. Windows Me w/internet working fine (my current position)

    Okay to make all of this short, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the new Dial-Up Connection choice available.
    I didn't seem to work after re-installing Windows XP.

    Should I try to re-install Windows XP (once again)? or Should I stay with Windows Me?

    Anyone input would be appreciated

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    This is what happens when you get older. I know the answer, it happened to me. I just don't remember. Sorry, but this will bump your question to the top anyway. Good luck.

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    I just re-installed Windows XP and everything is working fine. Thanks for the reply.

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    Congrats. Have you updated?

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    Should I stay with Windows Me?
    What the hell kinda question is that? ME is a heaping pile of flaming trash and XP is light years ahead of it's time.


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