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    i am tryin to use paint to take one part of a picture and put it into another picture and i cant figure out how to put the one part of the picture in the other to make it look like its part of that picture with out the white box around it. can anyone help me?

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    get adobe photoshop, as you cant have layers in paint

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    Paint ???????????????????????????????????

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    Pbrush is helpful in editing quick stuff or while you are taking a screenshot. You should get another powerful image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks. Both are nice.

    You can actually work with paint.

    Start > Run > Pbrush

    Open it twice so you have two instances of paint. Open one image in one and second image in the other one. Select the region you want to copy by a rectangle or whichever you prefer and Press Ctrl + C. This will copy the region. Go in the second paint instance of the program and press Ctrl + V. Move it to the region where you want it to be overlapping the previous one and then you are done. Tadaaaa!

    Cant imagine i said that and it works.
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