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Thread: A.B Erotica

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    Noone knows? I double check all the upload in the past 5+ days. All files has password now. It defeats the purpose of file sharing if rock***k only wants a few of his friends to have these files. There is no way he would upload that much, for just a small circle to share.

    Surely I can't be the only one who uses a.b.erotica to download.

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    My understanding is Roboc**k is NOT posting to a.b.erotica anymore. The passworded files in that group are posted by private indexer(s).

    The following may help you find what you want:

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    Roboc*ck was a long time poster of xxx stuff (DVDRips) back in the day. It's been years since I've grabbed any of his releases. I would assume that the DMCA is cracking down on pron. Unfortunately there is a website somewhere (private, VIP) that has the passwords for all the new stuff being posted. Things change, time to adapt. That is why it is always wise to have multiple sources for content. Nothing lasts forever.

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