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Thread: Fire Stick IPTV

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    I did see the thread about Kodi, but thought I'd start a new thread.

    I've a 2nd gen firestick that I want to start using for IPTV (streaming sports TV mostly), so been looking at putting an app on for that (and a VPN) so anyone got any recommendations or know of any websites that I should try. Been looking around and there is either a lot of defunct stuff or resellers offering a pay monthly service !!

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    Here i am using Firestick device since very long for streaming movies and tv shows through different firestick apps.
    Right now i am using PureVPN for safe and secure streaming on Firestick. In-fact i can unblock geo-blocked content as well.
    I would suggest you to get the PureVPN as it works best for me.
    Other than that follow the guide to install VPN on firestick and even you can compare other providers as well.
    Hope this will help.

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    Just saw this. I’ve never found a good method for streaming sports within Kodi. I just use reddit streams and cast them to my tv.



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