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Thread: The Right Way To Rename Shares?

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    I dl'd Daredevil and it is Spiderman. Not a new film but I hate for ppl to get it and think it is Daredevil.

    Should I just rename ti Spiderman? Should I add all the title bs like ts, tmd, tt, etc.?

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    Yeah I would rename it if you plan on sharing it.

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    I was wondering about that too (but forgot to ask ).
    When I rename a file using the 'Edit Details' option in Kazaa Lite it still has the old name when I check it in 'My Shared Folder'.
    Do I have to change it there?

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    I changed it in w.ex. and it worked after a restart client.

    badaboom badadabing!

    Like a dumb ass I tried to change it while running Kazaa, xxxxxx this file is in use. so I had to turn off the kazaa or any other file shares.


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