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Thread: How is 1Fichier ??

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    It's all Meg's fault.

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    Thank you
    Idol is like a mouse trying to gnaw his way through the metal cage bars

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    Most file hosts use TLS nowadays. Encryption is overrated for download-only services, anyway. You're already very much protected by the fact you're not uploading anything or opening any ports, and only three parties can know that you're downloading at all (you, the service of your choice and your ISP), which makes it much less likely to "get caught" in the first place.
    As you know i am an avid Usenet guy unless i am desperate for something unusual i can't find. And the ISP is the one i would be worried about, i did get a notice from them when i downloaded something from a Torrent site, i ignored it and nothing happened but who needs the aggravation!!!, i don't use torrents really anymore......
    And what i am surprised that they don't change the direct link names for the downloads for that reason??...

    Is Warez-BB still up?? Link??

    Thanks for the help and reply Anon....
    Your ISP gets notified by whichever company is monitoring the bitorrent traffic by IP address. ISP looks up IP address and sends out a letter.

    I've received a letter or two. They threaten to cancel service or severely limit speed if further violations occur.

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