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Thread: Tips For Newest Movies?

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    I've been trying to download some really new movies (The cat in the hat, Gothika and Master and Commander) I keep previewing and getting blanks, I haven't been at this for long and was wondering if anyone could offer any tips for finding the real things?

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    look into irc/bittorrent/emule for the newest stuff, bittorrent is super easy and really fast for the big releases
    there is a whole section of the forum for other p2p apps

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    By the way, do you have the latest codec packs. If you don't have the latest codecs, that can be the reason why you get all these blanks.

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    your best bet i rekon is bt and irc. rememeber to update your codec packs and get video lan to preview the film(s)

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    but if he's talking about the newest movies, they will be fake most of the time

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    That's right. The newest movies are on Kazaa most of the time fakes or renamed movies. Your best bet would either be Bittorrent or IRC. However it is very important to keep your codecs up to date, because they can give a whole lot of problems if they are not up to date.

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    Suprnova is god send 4 new movies...

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    new releases are usually on newsgroups before anywhere else, however, your isp might not provide a very good free binary service
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