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Thread: Importing Ips Into Zapro4 And Up

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    for those interested the peerguardian forum is running a "simple" test to see if zapro4 and up can handle the large range list we now have- the key is that ppl need to use the most updated range list available which is at the pg forum (applies to peeps using the "manual" method of mass importing ips as opposed to the zaupdate- make sure to use version 1.8)

    so we're looking for peeps who use either method to click on various anti p2p urls

    so far we've seen some mixed results as far as blocking anti p2p web sites that are covered in the pg db ranges (click on the url and see if zapro blocks it)- those mixed results are with those using zaupdate and again this info is only as good as those posting it so keep that in mind-

    we need more ppl to check out the post there or if y'all want to post results here at klite that's cool too

    what may also be a concern is just zapro4 in general being able to handle all the ranges (i'm no tech expert here just trying to get peeps to do some simple tests)

    here's the test thread results for those interested:

    pg forum requires registration

    and here's the intro i posted there:

    [/QUOTE]looking for peeps to put their firewalls to the test on urls that should be covered in the pgipdb (need to use the most recent ip list though for both your firewall and pg if you're using both)

    it's important to mention if you use the zapro updater method or the "manual" mass import method

    if you're using peerguardian as well in this experiment please continue to test even after trying the urls for an hour or so during file sharing (since testing urls is just one part of the story) don't bother on this part unless you have the exact same ips in pg and your firewall

    please post back the

    1. firewall prog and version number
    2. method of importing ips if pertinent (zapro updater for example)
    3. if you were using pg as well and if pg beat your firewall to the site block- again you need to make sure the ips for the following sites are in your firewall, pg etc)
    4. did the firewall block the following sites from being seen
    5. if you did additional testing beyond the urls what happened- ie during file sharing you have to have identical pg range lists for both pg and your firewall- otherwise don't bother
    6. if you have more than the number of ranges in the pgipdb at the current time (ie a custom list- let us know how many ranges you have imported)

    and the result on trying the following urls:


    ddd [QUOTE]



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    wow, interesting, i can't see any of them in my broswer

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    as i said in the zaupdate thread using zaupdate slows down zapro4 reaction time in blocking web sites

    if you don't use zaupdate and go with the regular, manual mass import option zapro4 will block the urls before pg ever gets a chance to

    draw any conclusion you want from that but i wouldn't rely on a method that slows down my firewall



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