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Thread: Stuff I watched recently...

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    I watched the German dub. They have more experience with that than Hollywood. And my German is marginally better than my French.

    Fun fact, back in the 70s there was a British show called "The Persuaders" (with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis!) that flopped horribly, but actually achieved cult status in Germany because they completely rewrote the scripts when they dubbed the show. It was so successful that they used the German version as source for any other translations after that.
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    30-year veteran of the border patrol is forced to work for the Mexican cartel after he retires. Six episodes; bingeworthy.

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    News of the World (2020). Westerns should be The Good, the Bad and the Ugly not whatever mishmash of white liberal guilt this is suppose to be.
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    Old shit was here. Now it's gone.

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    La Manzana de Eva

    Im still in shock :x

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    I just watched the Haunting of Bly Manor and its such a complete series.
    A bit slow paced but has all the ingredients to make it eerie and creepy. No jump scares as such and a wholesome tv show in all.

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    Arrival Movie. Kickass!

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    Just watched Dexter completely again. My all-time-favorite! I am looking forward to season 9

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    Pandemic binge.... Almost through stargate sg1

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    We Children from Bahnhof Zoo

    Amazon series remake of the original movie from 1981 or thereabouts. Honestly not sure how I feel about it; it's just too clean. The original is about a teenage girl that becomes a drug addict and ends up prostituting herself to feed her addiction and showed her world in all its dirtiness. This one is just too... clean? Sanitized? Artificial? I don't know. I guess these days you can't make shows/movies anymore that show 14-year-olds having sex for money and shoot up and they have to whitewash the story. And definitely not with an actress that is actually 14 years old. It's a shame, because the book it's based on is actually a true story/memoir and this series is not doing it justice.

    Watch the original if you can.

    EDIT: IMDB has the full video of Siskel & Ebert discussing the 1981 film.
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