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Thread: How to write in Hindi fonts in Adobe Photoshop?

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    How to write in Hindi fonts in Adobe Photoshop? When we put in hindi text from copy of google then does not appear in hindi else other codes in photoshop. But in Paint show hindi fonts why?

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    Install Hindi Writer tool in your PC. After that, you can write anywhere in Hindi.

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    choose a font style that supports Hindi characters otherwise you have to make hindi fonts in paint

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    The reason might be Hindi fonts are not installed in your system and hence Photoshop is not able to detect the Hindi font you are trying to copy.

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    First install font in you system

    Go Control Panel → Region and Language → Keyboards and Languages (Tab)→

    Click Change keyboards “Keyboards and other input languages”

    Add (Button) - Now open “Add Input Language”

    Select +Hindi & select tick on “Hindi traditional”

    submit okay


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