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Thread: How to create images in Illustrator

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    Question Mark

    How to create images in Illustrator and is it beneficial for designing images..?

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    Hi, watch this above video to know on creating/modifying an image in illustrator. It is more beneficial after photoshop as more patterns and options are available with an illustrator

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    Hey Sayli,

    Nice question! As in a website, images are the best way to convey message about which topic the posts are related. It is very simple and useful to create an image with information about the post. To create images and do desiging, there are a few steps to follow. Create image by bringing from the photoshop and use the trace to create the shapes. Expand the iimage tracing, select the area inside the suit and white shape. Now, you have to use the shape builder tool for the creation of the compound path. Then, we have to Release the compound path to delete the area and fill in the black spots and then your image must be ready. Hope this helps!


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