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Thread: college net problems : dailyuploads/douploads/clicknupload/etc

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    hi there,

    in trying to figure out why i can't grab anything via dailyuploads/douploads/clicknupload and alikes
    it appears to me that requesting a dl from such invloves too many redirects

    only works my end, ofc zippyshare/ etc works smoothly, too

    being not keen on opting for money mongering crap sites such as nitro, rg, ul, and alikes i'd like to stick to FREE unregistered usr sharing sites

    stuck with a damn win 10 system with no admin rights (vmware) on european university/college net, for the time being,
    i neither can modify much of the network settings i'd like to (as under *nix, macos), nor do the vpn's i have access to (nordvpn, for instance) allow for a 'broader' access w/out restrictions

    anyone else having similar problems and even a suggestion how to deal with, solve the connectivity issues ?

    thanks in advance *

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    ClicknUpload (and other sites with the same script) uses port 182 for the actual file download. In all likelihood, your college enforces a small whitelist of outgoing ports and anything outside that is not allowed, thus the download gets filtered out. Nothing you can do in that case without resorting to VPNs and such.
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    thanks a lot.
    'was hoping to find some 'leech' solution (there was a site that offered dailyuploads leeching not that long ago ..) which, my end, too might do the job by employing other than ':182' and such.
    however non of such >leech services< any longer up -- at least i not came across recently ..

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    See for some talk about link generators and links to some sites that "index" them. You may get lucky and find a working one, then the only problem will be advertisements and captchas
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    Leech Premium is the best free one. File size limits sucks for some file hosters on the site.

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    thx peeps. much appreciated !


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