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Thread: CAMRips/TSRips in 2019

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    I'm back haven't posted here in a long time anyway i have been thinking about something for awhile now that being why exactly do people still go to the cinema and record the movie with a video camera in 2019? why do they still exist? why do we still have these at all when the DVD/Blu-Ray will come out in 3 months or less anyway? CAMRips and TSRips once served a purpose but i feel they have long overstayed their welcome and are a piece of an era that is long gone that being the early 2000s era of piracy or even before that anyway what are your guys thoughts on this? do you agree or disagree that people should stop making CAMRips and TSRips in 2019?
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    In the interest of my eyes - yes. Abandon it! I'd rather wait 3 Months and watch the BR Rip.

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    While historically, the wait for a higher-quality source has been longer, cams still have their place and for the same reasons. Why wait three months to know how much a new movie sucks, when you can do it now! Besides, no one's forcing us to download them
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    I miss the TCs. The quality was pretty good including the audio.


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