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Thread: Usenet Providers

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    I've been using Frugal for many years without any issues.

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    I've been using usenetserver for years now. I think the price is pretty good if you buy the year up front.

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    I've been using free but limited bandwidth providers. FREE-USENET () has not only been free, but uses SSL and reliably transmitted at about 100 KB/S. [Caveat: it's free, but only in three-hour chunks]. Back to Normal--the glitch described below lasted only until the next day In the past couple of days nothing has come through, resolving in SAB to this error message: " [Errno 10061] ('_ssl.c:711: The handshake operation timed out',) ". The news page of FREE-USENET doesn't give any hint of issues at their end. I'm relying on Murphy's Usenet Law, which states that any problem once reported will disappear without explanation. Or does it?

    Edit2: When I wrote back to normal a month ago, it wasn't really normal, but pretty close. Now I'd say it really is back to normal. I think the glitch may have been caused by: well, the provider gets to treat freeloaders (me) less royally than paying clients. Digne et justum est. I think he must have been trying out more aggressive throttling for freeloaders. So we're all good now. Even with Covid and the molassesization of the Internet, I'm not experiencing issues. Knock on wood, he said, touching his temple and then vigourously washing his finger.

    Edit3: Now April 4-5th back to zero speed as originally reported. Perhaps their system, as well as the internet in general, is stressed. Maybe the earlier zero speed was a code testing period for crisis mode, now. is working great, but doesn't support SSL. This, when the history of our time is written it will say, "this was his final edit of that post."
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    I've been through different ones over the years. In all honesty the difference isn't much any more, if something's taken down it tends to feel like it's taken down everywhere anyway, but maybe my fallback config just isn't versatile enough.
    I do tend to swap largely because I find a good offer and because I live in the vain hope that one day I'll find the holy grail though

    Right now I'm with on a cheap-ass unlimited deal from Black Friday (I think)... They're doing heaps fine but I'm not sure I could justify paying the 'full' price for them. Usenetbucket actually did OK, I was pretty happy with them, just a better offer came through.
    I've played with and tweaknews as well, they were fine - just a matter of timing when it comes to offers again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg987 View Post
    FREE-USENET () has not only been free, but uses SSL and reliably transmitted at about 100 KB/S. [Caveat: it's free, but only in three-hour chunks].
    I remember when it was one month, then one week, then one day... at least it's not one hour now.

    Anyway, I took the time to check and they're working fine for me. Try changing the server hostname to, port 443, SSL enabled and certificate verification set to minimal. If you can connect, either you have an old DNS entry cached or your provider is blocking the server.
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    i use hitnews

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    Newshosting works great for me.

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    Newshosting here for me also. They are fast, reliable and the newsgroup reader software is excellent.

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    I am using 2 unlimited usenet provider, newsdemon dan usenet express
    Newsdemon I am with their 15 usd for 7 months promo which if you want to, they still sell it as their 15 years anniversary promos.
    Usenet express with their 29 usd per year promo.
    So in total about 55 USD per year. Which I think it already cheap enough, and I can found almost everything that I want.

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    I use newsdemon for 5,5 euro/month. I'm very happy with the speed

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