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Thread: What do you think the next Matrix sequel will be called?

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    The Matrix R__________

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    The Matrix Ruined because no good can come from another sequel after so many years.

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    First the storyline was finished and complete... then I read an article where the Wachowskis allegedly stated there'd be a Matrix 4 and 5 and production was in the works... eight years later nothing of the sort has materialized

    Anyway, I agree with BIGtimber. The first movie was great, but the sequels not so much, and I don't think it would do the franchise any good to have yet another one. If you want to see Neo shooting bad guys, watch John Wick flicks, there are three already with a fourth one on the way.
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    Among the many things that I don't think about ever, this is definitely one.
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    I didn't know there was supposed to be another sequel, but I enjoyed the watching the older ones.

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    Not another sequel of a sequel.

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    Rectangular Array

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    Neo lost his faceballs. Everybody loves a blind hero, that's why Daredevil is popular, am I right?

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    the matrix: racial profiling

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