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So your explanation is the SSL doesn't work for the Usenet provider
Encryption, no matter how strong, won't do anything for you if:
  • the second party is also your adversary, or
  • a third party who is also your adversary relays messages between the first two, and the encryption is not end-to-end.

That's why I giggle at Cloudflare's claim of offering "end-to-end encryption" (most of their services would be infeasible if that were true), or when people say Facebook Chat is safe because it's encrypted.

Though, as I said, for Usenet downloads at least this is all purely hypothetical. There is no evidence that they log them and they have reasons not to.

they advertise fast speed connections, and access to where most of the pirated stuff is located in the binary groups?? If they didn't give you access to those groups?? Who the heck would pay for that provider..
There's also text groups... Usenet was the original social network that most ISPs don't provide access to anymore, don't forget that