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Thread: Cobra Kai is now free to watch on youtube for everyone! Enjoy!

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    Save that bandwidth! Here is the link.

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    that show is bad

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    season 1 if free (well freemium, i.e. has ads, unless you install an ad blocker)

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    i actually enjoyed Season 1 a lot. Brought back a lot of memories from the movies. The second season just wants quite as good for me

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    cool, watched a couple of season 1. Then they asked to be paid...that was it for me.

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    Loved the show
    Love the energy and the confrontation between two eras.
    Loved all the cameos

    Didn't like the lovey birdies.
    Waiting for the next season.

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    Cobra kai is either bad or good its watchable and now its free even better for those who hasnt watched it yet

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    Was surprised, started out kinda silly but ended up getting into it. Pretty good, waiting on the next season too.

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    This is a great show!


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