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Thread: Corrupt Cds

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    Home: Corrupt CDs + News
    These are the music CDs that:
    1. Prevent you from copying it for personal use or from playing it on computerized devices (computers, DVD players, game consoles like PlayStation, MP3 players, consumer CD duplicators, high-end stereo equipment and car CD players).
    2. In the United States, Canada and the UK, these "copy-protected" CDs are often unmarked. Once you buy it, you can only exchange it and hope that the replacement isn't defective too.

    = CDs that are definitely being released in corrupt batches.

    Known Corrupt CDs

    ¤ All Dosordie music since Summer 2002
    ¤ All Edel music since Summer 2002
    ¤ All Kontor music since Summer 2002
    ¤ All Osmose Productions music since February 2001
    ¤ All Warlock Records and Strictly Rhythm music since January 2000
    ¤ All Zomba music since Fall 2001 (Europe)
    ¤ Universal Music label albums starting in October, 2001.
    ¤ 1 Giant Leap: My Culture (Europe/Uknown)
    ¤ 22 Pistepirkko: Rally of Love (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Aereogramme: A Story In White (Germany/Chemical Underground)
    ¤ Aerosmith: Just Push Play (USA/Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Aerosmith: Oh Yeah, Greatest Hits (Europe/Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Afroman: Good Times (USA/Universal)
    ¤ Laith Al-Deen: Melomanie (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls (USA/WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Anastacia: Freak of Nature (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Marc Anthony: Mended (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Aphex Twin: Drukqs (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Arachnes: Apocalypse (Europe/SPV Group)
    ¤ Argema: 20 (Europe)
    ¤ Arid: All is Quiet Now
    ¤ ATB: Dedicated (Europe)
    ¤ Dan Barta: Illustratosphere (Czech Republic/Sony)
    ¤ Frans Bauer: Durf te Dromen (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ BeigeGT: Jukebox Heroes (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Berroguetto: Hepta (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Blof: Meer van jou (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Blumentopf: Eins A (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Marco Borsato: Onderweg (Europe/Universal/Polydor)
    ¤ BZN: Tequila Sunset (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Caesars Palace: Love for the Streets (Europe/USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Harlan Cage: Temple of Tears (Europe/Atenzia)
    ¤ Calla: Custom (Europe/USA/Quartermass Records)
    ¤ Captain Jack: Iko Iko (Germany/RTD)
    ¤ Casey Chambers: Barricades and Brickwalls (Australia/EMI)
    ¤ Cee-Lo: Ce-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections (Arista/BMG)
    ¤ Kenny Chesney promo CD: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem (BMG)
    ¤ Clouseau: En Dans (Belgium, EMI)
    ¤ Club Generator: 2002, Vol. 2 (Belgium/Unknown)
    ¤ Cornershop: Handcream for a Generation (Unknown)
    ¤ Sarah Connor: Green Eyed Soul (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Cosmic Gate: No More Sleep (Europe/EMI Deutschland)
    ¤ Curse: Von Innen nach Aussen (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Gary D: D Trance 2002 Volume 3 (Arista/BMG)
    ¤ Da Weazel: Latest Album (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ DaBuzz: Wanna Be With Me (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Dark Tranquility: Mind's I (Osmose Productions)
    ¤ Dark Tranquility: The Gallery (Osmose Productions)
    ¤ De Dijk: Muzikanten Dansen Niet (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Deacon Blue: The Very Best of Deacon Blue (UK/Columbia/Sony)
    ¤ Die Firma: Das Dritte Auge (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Die Prinzen: D (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Die Vikinger: Romantica (Germany/EMI)
    ¤ Destiny's Child: This is the Remix (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Celine Dion: A New Day Has Come (Sony/Epic)
    ¤ DJ Cor: Groeten Uit Salou 4 (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ DJ Networx: Volume 12 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ DJ Prezioso Feat Marvin: We Rule the Danza (Europe/BMG)
    ¤ DJ Tom Hardy: Live at Dance Valley (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ The Dome: Volume 19 (Germany/BMG/Sony)
    ¤ The Dome: Volume 21 (Germany/BMG/Sony)
    ¤ Len Doolin: Once in a Lifetime (USA/Sunbird Records)
    ¤ Dream Theater: Six Degrees of Turbulence (USA/WEA/Elektra)
    ¤ Eiffel 65: Contact (Universal)
    ¤ Eins Zwo: Zwei (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Einstuerzende Neubauten: Berlin Babylon (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Einstuerzende Neubauten: Strategies Against Architecture III (Germany/Mute/ADA)
    ¤ Enslaved: Monumension (Europe/Osmose Productions)
    ¤ Estopa: Destrangis (Spain/BMG)
    ¤ Faithless: Outrospective/Reperspective (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Tiziano Ferro: Rosso Relativo (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Five: Kingsize (UK, BMG)
    ¤ Free Stylers: Pressure Point (Urban Theory)
    ¤ Generation Fernseh-Kult (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ David Gray: White Ladder (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Green Lizard: Newborn (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Gregorian: Masters of Chant Chapter II (Europe/Edel)
    ¤ Herbert Groenemeyer: Mensch (Europe/Uknown)
    ¤ Groove Armada single: Superstylin' (Europe/Uknown)
    ¤ Andre Hazes: Strijdlustig (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Helium Vola: Helium Vola (Europe/Chrom)
    ¤ Ozark Henry: Birthmarks (Belgium, Unknown)
    ¤ Lauryn Hill: MTV Unplugged 2 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Him: Razorblade Romance (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Horkýze Slíze: Festival Chorobná 2001 (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Hyperchild: Easily (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ I Am Sam: Soundtrack (BMG/V2)
    ¤ Natalie Imbruglia: White Lillies Island (Europe/RCA/BMG)
    ¤ Michael Jackson promotional single: You Rock My World (Sony)
    ¤ Wyclef Jean: Masquerade (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Maria Jimenez: Canta por Sabina (Europe/Muxxic Records)
    ¤ Joe: Better Days (Europe/Zomba)
    ¤ Udo Jurgens: Es Lebe das Laster (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Just the Best: April 2001 (Germany/Zomba/BMG)
    ¤ K's Choice: Live (Belgium/Epic)
    ¤ K3: Verliefd (Europe/BMG)
    ¤ Oliver Kalkofe: Onkel Hottes Planet der Zwerge Live (Germany/Sony)
    ¤ Kamelot: Pozdni Navraty (Europe)
    ¤ Kent: Vapen and Ammunition (Sweden)
    ¤ Kidneythieves: Zerospace (USA/Extasy)
    ¤ David Knopfler: Wishbones (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Kosheen: Resist (UK/Moksha Recordings/Arista/BMG UK)
    ¤ Kuschelkslassik Volume 6 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Avril Lavigne: Let Go (Europe/BMG)
    ¤ Linkin Park: Reanimation (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Lonestar: I'm Already There (UK/Unknown)
    ¤ Jennifer Lopez: J to the Lo (UK)
    ¤ Lord of the Rings: Soundtrack (Europe)
    ¤ Helmut Lotti: A Tribute to the King (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Maceras Ugyek: Soundtrack (Europe/Crossroads Records)
    ¤ Gus Meeuwis: Gus Meeuwis (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Irini Mercouri: Na Fisaei I Anixi (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ ML: Leaving (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Modern Talking: Victory (USA/Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ More Music from The Fast and The Furious: Soundtrack (Universal)
    ¤ N'Sync: Celebrity (BMG/RCA)
    ¤ Natural: Keep It Natural (Europe/BMG)
    ¤ Neeka: Candy Comfort (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Nightwish: Century Child (Finland/Unknown)
    ¤ No Angels: Now Us (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Noa: Now (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Heather Nova: South (Germany/Sony/V2)
    ¤ Paul Oakenfold: NY Global Underground (UK/Perfecto)
    ¤ Paul Oakenfold: Perfecto Presents Another World (UK/Perfecto)
    ¤ Paul Oakenfold: Swordfish (UK/Perfecto)
    ¤ Oli P: P.ulsschlag (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Lisa Ono: Questa Bossa Mia (Japan/EMI)
    ¤ Optik Crew: Optik Mixtape Volume 1 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Ozzy Osbourne: Live at Budokan (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Oval: re: systemisch (Europe/Zomba)
    ¤ Pacifier: Pacifier (New Zealand/Unknown)
    ¤ Pantera: Reinventing The Steel (Unknown)
    ¤ Paola: Stock City Girl (Unknown)
    ¤ Pelham Power Productions: Evolution (Germany/Sony)
    ¤ Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club: My Private War (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Pretty Willie: Enter the Life of Suella (BMG/RCA)
    ¤ Charley Pride: A Tribute to Jim Reeves (Fahrenheit Entertainment)
    ¤ Queensryche: Live Evolution (BMG/Sanctuary)
    ¤ Racoon: Here We Go, Stereo (Netherlands/Sony)
    ¤ Matthias Reim: Eponymous (Germany)
    ¤ Antonis Remos: Pali Apo Tin Arhi (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Right Said Fred: Fredhead (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Right Said Fred: Stand Up for the Champions (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Rinocerose: Music Kills Me (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street (UK/Virgin)
    ¤ Rosana: Rosana (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Scooter: Push The Beat For This Jam: Best of 1998-2002 (Europe/Edel)
    ¤ Schiller: Weltreise (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Shakira: Laundry Service (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Skik: Tof (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Smog: Rain On Lens (UK/Drag City)
    ¤ Spiderman: Soundtrack (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Frederique Spigt: Beest (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Sportfreunde Stiller: Die Gute Seite (Europe/Motor Music)
    ¤ StarSplash: Here We Go Again (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Star Wars, Attack of the Clones: Soundtrack (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Sweet Robotos Against the Machine: Towa Tei (Asia/Unknown)
    ¤ Melanie Thornton: Ready to Fly (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Under Cover: 2 CD Sampler (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Valeria: The Eyes of the Colour of the Sky (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Andre Van Duin: Dik Voormekaarshow 2001/2002 (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Various Artists: 538 Dance Smash Hits Autumn 2002 (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Various Artists: Boccaccio Life, Volume 4 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Bravo Hits 15 (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: Bravo Hits 35 (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: Bravo Hits 38 (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: Celtica (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Club Sounds, Volume 20 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Dance Train 2002, Volume 3 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Dance X-plosion (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Various Artists: De Muziek uit Barend & Van Dorp (Europe/EMI)
    ¤ Various Artists: In da House 8 (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Various Artists: Kuschelrock 15 (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Love Parade Competition 2002 (Europe/BMG)
    ¤ Various Artists: Osbourne Family Album (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Various Artists: RockBallads (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Various Artists: Serious Beats 40 (Europe/News)
    ¤ Various Artists: Solid Sounds Anno 2002, Volume 3 (Europe/News)
    ¤ Various Artists: Still Life, A Snapshot of Life in Many Forms (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: TMF Hitzone 19 (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: TMF Hitzone 20 (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: TMF Megadance 2002 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Trance 80s (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: Trance Parade (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Various Artists: Trance Voices III (Europe/Universal)
    ¤ Various Artists: Tunnel Trance Force Volume 20 (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Viva: Hits 14 (Germany/EMI)
    ¤ VNV Nation: Futureperfect and Genesis (Europe/Mindbase/SPV Gmbh)
    ¤ Volumia: Puur (Europe/BMG)
    ¤ Roger Waters: Flickering Flame (Sony)
    ¤ West Life: World of Our Own (UK/Virgin)
    ¤ Michelle Williams: Heart to Yours (Czech Republic/Sony)
    ¤ Wise Guys: Ganz weit Vorne (Germany/Unknown)
    ¤ Bill Withers: Ultimate Bill Withers Collection (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Witt: Eisenhertz (Germany/Sony)
    ¤ Wolfgang Petry: Achterbahn (Germany/BMG)
    ¤ Zornik: The Place Where You Will Find Us (Netherlands/Unknown)

    CDs with Major Problems Reported
    ¤ 2-Pac: Until the End of Time (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ 311: From Chaos (BMG/Volcano/Pavement)
    ¤ A Beautiful Mind: Soundtrack (Universal/Decca)
    ¤ A Teens: Teen Spirit (MCA)
    ¤ Action Figure Party: Promo CD (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Yolanda Adams: The Experience (Columbia House)
    ¤ Aerosmith: Young Lust (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ America: A Tribute to Heroes (Unknown)
    ¤ And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead: Source Tags and Codes (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Anorexia Nervosa: New Obscurantis Order (Sweden/Unknown)
    ¤ Atlantis:Soundtrack (Universal/Disney)
    ¤ The Avalanches: Since I Left You (WEA/London/Sire)
    ¤ Back to Mine: Everything But The Girl (Ultra)
    ¤ Backstreet Boys: Greatest Hits (BMG/Jive/Silvertone)
    ¤ Band of Brothers: Soundtrack (Sony)
    ¤ Barenaked Ladies: Maroon (Sony)
    ¤ Basia: The Best of Basia (Sony)
    ¤ Bilal: 1st Born Second (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Bjork: Dancer in the Dark Soundtrack (WEA/Elektra)
    ¤ Blue Man Group: Audio (EMI)
    ¤ Blues Traveler: Bridge (Universal/A&M)
    ¤ Billy Bragg and Wilco: Mermaid Avenue, Volume 2 (WEA/Elektra)
    ¤ Blondie: Best of Blondie (UK/Unknown)
    ¤ Boyz 2 Men: Nathan|Michael|Shawn|Wanya (Universal)
    ¤ James Brown: Live at the Apollo 2 (Universal/Polydor)
    ¤ BT: Movement in Still Life (Pioneer)
    ¤ Built to Spill: Ancient Melodies of the Future (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Jonathan Butler: Do You Love Me? (Unknown)
    ¤ Sarah Brightman: Classics (EMI/Angel)
    ¤ Bush: Golden State (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ George Carlin: You Are All Diseased (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Cartoon Network Themes Compilation (Unknown)
    ¤ David Chastain: Riffology: Wicked Riffs (
    ¤ Charlotte Church: Dream a Dream (Sony)
    ¤ The Church: Seance (Australia/Unknown)
    ¤ Natalie Cole: Unforgettable with Love (WEA/Elektra)
    ¤ Collective Soul: 7 Year Itch (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Collective Soul: Dosage (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Shawn Colvin: Whole New You (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Cradle of Filth: Midian (Koch Records)
    ¤ The Cranberries: Bury the Hatchet - Complete Sessions (Unknown)
    ¤ Crazy Town: Gift of Game (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Creed: Weathered (BMG)
    ¤ Sheryl Crow: C'Mon, C'Mon (Universal/Polygram)
    ¤ Sheryl Crow: Globe Sessions (Universal/Polygram)
    ¤ Dave Matthews Band: Busted Stuff (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ DC Talk: Supernatural (EMI/Virgin)
    ¤ De La Soul: AOI - Music Thump (Tommy Boy)
    ¤ Deepdish: Global Underground 021 Moscow (UK/Unknown)
    ¤ Default: Fallout (TVT Records)
    ¤ Delirium: Odyssey (EMI/Nettwerk)
    ¤ John Denver: Best of John Denver Live (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Derb: In Africa (Edel)
    ¤ Destiny's Child: Survivor (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Dido: No Angel (BMG/Arista)
    ¤ Dixie Chicks: Fly (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Tanya Donelly: Beautysleep (Washington/Unknown)
    ¤ Doors: The Best of the Doors (2 CD Set) (Magada)
    ¤ Drowning Pool: Bodies (BMG)
    ¤ Drowning Pool: Sinner (BMG)
    ¤ Dropkick Murphy's: The Gang's All Here (Hellcat Records)
    ¤ Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Bob Dylan: Love and Theft (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Eagles: Box Set (1972-1999 Selected Works) (WEA/Elektra)
    ¤ Eels: Souljacker (USA/Dreamworks)
    ¤ Richard Elliott: Chill Factor (EMI/Blue Note)
    ¤ Eminem: The Eminem Show (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Enya: Day Without Rain (Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Fatboy Slim: You've Come a Long Way Baby (Australia/Unknown)
    ¤ Fear Factory: Digimortal (Universal/Roadrunner Records)
    ¤ Vicente Fernandez: Mas con el Numero Uno (Mexico/Sony)
    ¤ Final Fantasy: Soundtrack (Sony)
    ¤ From Zero: From Zero (Unknown)
    ¤ Future Music Magazine: Issue 117 CD (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Vince Gallo: When (Europe/Warp Records)
    ¤ Garbage: Beautiful Garbage (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Get Up Kids: Something To Write Home About (TVT/Vagrant)
    ¤ Dizzy Gillespie: Have Trumpet, Will Excite (Universal/Verve)
    ¤ Gloomy Grim: Written in Blood (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Gorillaz: Gorillaz (EMI/Virgin)
    ¤ Grateful Dead: The Golden Road (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Hall and Oates: Greatest Hits Live (BMG/RCA)
    ¤ The Hives: Vini Vidi Vicious (Dallas/USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Enrique Iglesias: Escape (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Incubus: Make Yourself (Sony/Epic)
    ¤ Incubus: Morning View (Sony/Epic)
    ¤ Iron Maiden: Rock in Rio (Unknown)
    ¤ Michael Jackson: Invincible (Sony)
    ¤ Jewel: This Way (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American (Universal/Dream Works)
    ¤ Norah Jones: Come Away with Me (New Zealand/Unknown)
    ¤ Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates (WEA/Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Judas Priest: Stained Class (Sony/Legacy)
    ¤ Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros: Global A Go-Go (Hellcat/Epitaph)
    ¤ Toby Keith: Pull My Chain (Universal/Verve)
    ¤ Kid Rock: Cocky (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Stephen King: Dreamcatcher (Unknown)
    ¤ Korn: Untouchables (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Diana Krall: The Look of Love (Universal/Verve)
    ¤ Lamb: Fear of Fours (USA/Mercury)
    ¤ K.D. Lang: Invincible Summer (WEA/Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Amanda Lear: Queen of Chinatown (Import) (BMG)
    ¤ Limp Bizkit: Significant Other (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Lina: Stranger on Earth (Canada/Unknown)
    ¤ Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (Belgium/WEA/Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Little T and One Track Mike: Fome is Dape (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Live: V (UNI/Radioactive)
    ¤ Live on Letterman (Unknown)
    ¤ Lisa Loeb: Cake and Pie (A&M)
    ¤ Ludacris: Word of Mouf (Universal)
    ¤ Marilyn Manson: Holy Wood (USA/Interscope)
    ¤ Marduk: Heaven Shall Burn (Germany/Osmose Productions/SPV)
    ¤ Marduk: Panzer Division Marduk (Germany/Osmose Productions/SPV)
    ¤ Matchbox 20: Mad Season (WEA/Atlantic)
    ¤ Tim McGraw: Greatest Hits (WEA/Atlantic/Curb Records)
    ¤ Bobby McFerrin: Beyond Words (Unknown)
    ¤ Sarah McLachlan: Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff (Arista/BMG)
    ¤ Pat Metheny: Speaking of Now (Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Jeff Michaels: Piano Man (Swallowtail)
    ¤ Kyle Minogue: Fever (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Moby: Play (DVD) (BMG/V2)
    ¤ Morcheeba: Charango (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Lorrie Morgan: To Get To You (BMG/BNA Entertainment)
    ¤ Alanis Morissette: Under Rug Swept (Maverick)
    ¤ The Motorhomes: Long Distance Runner (Europe)
    ¤ Moulin Rouge: Soundtrack (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ MP3.Com: Various (Worldwide/Vivendi/Universal)
    ¤ Mundstuhl: Heul Doch! (Germany)
    ¤ MZ 412: Domine Rex Infernum (Germany)
    ¤ Bob Newhart: Anthology (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ No Doubt: Rock Steady (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Jamie O'Neal: Shiver (Universal/Mercury)
    ¤ Oh Brother Where Art Thou?: Soundtrack (Universal/Mercury)
    ¤ William Orbit: Pieces in a Modern Style (UK/Unknown)
    ¤ Ozzy Osbourne: Down to Earth (Sony/Epic)
    ¤ Lindsay Pagano: Love and Faith and Inspiration (WEA/Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Robert Palmer: Very Best of Robert Palmer (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Pink: Mizzundastood (Arista/BMG)
    ¤ Pink Floyd: Echoes (EMI/Capitol)
    ¤ Pink Floyd: Meddle (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Pitchshifter: PSI (Unknown)
    ¤ Primus: Antipop (Universal/Interscope)
    ¤ Queen: Greatest Hits 3 (Universal/Hollywood)
    ¤ Queen of the Damned: Soundtrack (Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Qurashi: Jinx (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication (Australia/WEA/Warner Bros)
    ¤ Leann Rimes: You Light Up My Life (Curb Records)
    ¤ Sade: Lovers Rock (Sony/Epic)
    ¤ Mathilde Santing: New Amsterdam (Europe/Sony)
    ¤ Alejandro Sanz: Unplugged (WEA/Latina)
    ¤ Joe Satriani: Engines of Creation (Sony/Epic)
    ¤ Saves the Day: Stay What You Are (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Seal: Human Being (WEA/Warner Bros)
    ¤ Shaggy: Hotshot (Universal/MCA)
    ¤ Simon Shaheen: Turath (Times Square Records)
    ¤ Slayer: Reign in Blood (Wisconsin/Unknown)
    ¤ Sopranos: Sopranos 2 soundtrack (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Soulwax: 2 Many DJs (UK)
    ¤ Spain: I Believe (BMG)
    ¤ Britney Spears: Britney (BMG/Jive/Silvertone)
    ¤ Staind: Break The Cycle (WEA/Elektra)
    ¤ Staubgold: Sampler (Germany/Staubgold)
    ¤ Stereomud: Perfect Self (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Sting: All This Time (Denmark/Unknown)
    ¤ Stone Temple Pilots: Shangri La Dee Da (New York/Unknown)
    ¤ George Strait: The Road Less Traveled (Universal/MCA)
    ¤ Sugar Ray: 14:59 (Universal/Island)
    ¤ SUM 41: All Killer No Filler (Universal/Island)
    ¤ Sum of All Fears: Soundtrack (USA/Elektra)
    ¤ Super Furry Animals: Rings Around the World (Beggars XL)
    ¤ System of a Down: Toxicity (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Therapy: Shameless (UK)
    ¤ Tool: Lateralus (BMG/Volcano/Pavement)
    ¤ Travis: The Invisible Band (Epic)
    ¤ Tricky: Blowback (Universal/Hollywood)
    ¤ Triple J: Hottest 100, Vol.3 (Australia/EMI/Virgin)
    ¤ Usher: 8701 (BMG/Arista)
    ¤ Van Halen: Best of Van Halen, Volume 1 (Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Vanilla Sky: Soundtrack (WEA/Warner Brothers)
    ¤ Various Artists: 50 Classics for the Quiet Times (Q/Atlantic)
    ¤ Various Artists: A Very Special Christmas 5 (Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Best of Trance, Volume 2 (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Concert for New York City (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Various Artists: Hot R&B (Europe/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: This is Trance (Australia/Unknown)
    ¤ Various Artists: Totally Dance (Unknown)
    ¤ Velvet Underground: Loaded (Unknown)
    ¤ Warren G: Return of the Regulator (Universal)
    ¤ Randy Waldman: Unreel (Uknown)
    ¤ Jennifer Warnes: Well (USA/Sin-Drome)
    ¤ The Watchmen: Slomotion (USA & Canada/EMI)
    ¤ We Were Soldiers: Soundtrack (Unknown)
    ¤ Weezer: Maladroit (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ John Williams: The Five Sacred Trees (Sony)
    ¤ Robbie Williams: Swing When You're Winning (UK/Unknown)
    ¤ X: See How We Are (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ X: More Fun in the New World (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Pete Yorn: Music for the Morning After (Sony/Columbia)
    ¤ Frank Zappa: You Can't Do That (USA/Unknown)
    ¤ Zero Seven: Simple Things (UK/Unknown)
    ¤ Rob Zombie: Sinister Urge (USA/Universal/Geffen)


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    ¤ Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (Belgium/WEA/Warner Brothers)
    I have that CD, and all the other Linkin Park CD's, and every thing works fine for me...

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    how long ago did u buy it?

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    well thats ok i don't but cds anymore

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Yeah i have the Linkin Park Cd too, i got it when it came out. It works fine.

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    i have it too but i bought it a long time ago

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    Why don't you just list the labels and the region. It's most likely they use criple ware for all their releases in that region, or even worldwide.

    So we can go to the store and ask;
    "Is this CD in compliance with the White Book standards ?", and
    "Does this artist support the cruel and inhumane prosecution of consumers without sollid evidence ?".

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    Originally posted by Aimless6@27 November 2003 - 11:05
    Why don't you just list the labels and the region. It's most likely they use criple ware for all their releases in that region, or even worldwide.

    So we can go to the store and ask;
    "Is this CD in compliance with the White Book standards ?", and
    "Does this artist support the cruel and inhumane prosecution of consumers without sollid evidence ?".


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    quote was to long, I thought and james_bond_rulez

    there is one thing RIAA did not thought of: If you play CD in normal
    analog Audio CD Player you can record it in your "analog" stereo to tape
    or with cable indirectly on your computer -would not be as easy as direct ripping
    but one more solution hehe...

    although copyright protection is shit if you only use a modern cd player which
    acts liek a cd rom - that is shit - and ppl will probably go to court - I could imagine
    processes in usa

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    3,472 do you have to quote everything?

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