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Thread: Network 98 And Xp

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    i want to be able to network my new computer running xp with my old one which runs 98se. i have no understanding of what to do. i have the ethernet cards installed on both machines and are working properly. i also have a crossover cable. can u help? i want to be able to share files and a printer, i also most importanly want to share a internet connection. i want the xp machine to be able to connect to the internet through the 98 machine
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    Do you have a broadband connection?
    The 'puter connecting to the internet will need 2 nic cards (1 for the cable modem and 1 for the network.)
    After you have that it is easy with xp, just go to 'My Network Places' and over on the left hand side where it has 'Network Task' select 'Set up a home or small office network'. Make sure both machines are on and connected to the internet.
    Then just follow the on screen instructions.

    If you have any questions, just ask, I also have 1 of my networks set up this way.

    Hope this helps,

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    I had problems connecting win98 to xp and i would recommend that you install netbios on the XP computer, other than that its like skelley said, just follow the instructions on screen.
    for more info on installing netbios and detailed guides on exactly what you're trying to do go to


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