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Thread: Required A Unique Software

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    hi guys
    favour required
    i want to download a part of a movie not the whole of the movie and i know which part Do u know any such software that allows me to download a certain section of the movie i dont have any currupt movie that i want to repair
    just want to download a certain part of the movie
    for example
    i want to download NEO versus AGENT SMITH fight from matrix reloaded
    i know the timing + iknw the size of the video +i have the haShe
    I repeat i am not repairing a currupt movie
    kindly suggest any software that allows me to do so i tried this with KCF but it doesnt allow me to download]
    thank u very much

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    If you already have the movie (downed that is) use VirtualDub to take out the part you want,if you don't have the movie yet sorry no idea maybe Kazaa Corruption Fixer may help but I think you need the movie first.

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    i think some smart people could trick the corruption fixer in to thinking you had the other parts of the file?


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