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Thread: Orac 3 By G-gnome

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    If you missed this the first time round here is a second chance.
    Part two is now posted and I am even more amazed.

    The level of craftmanship and detailing far surpasses any case mod I have ever seen and is a treasure trove of ideas/concepts and execution.

    I can't wait to see Part 3 and what he does with all the big, not-so-pretty hardware (i.e. motherboard, drives, etc).

    Orac 3

    My only question is why he even bothered starting with a stock case. He is clearly ( pun, sorry) capable of building one from scratch...
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    No plasma ball yet.
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    This is part 2 of the article: Orac 3 - Part 2

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    Originally posted by Virtualbody1234@27 November 2003 - 16:41
    This is part 2 of the article: Orac 3 - Part 2
    This one looks more like a hydrogen engine to a pc.

    Esp' with this component looking some much like a head gasket.


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