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Thread: Best software to use for NZB on MAC?

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    Hi all - looking for recommendations. Ive used NZB Vortex before and liked it. Any other ones people like?

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    SABnzbd is multi-platform, Mac included.
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    NZBGet, opensource, multiplatform. Just works. Switched from SAB, can't remember why and stayed.
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    For binaries download, there is sabnzb dan nzbget
    But if you want to access the groups, you can try

    unison, which is free since, it is not develop anymore.
    pan, you need macport to install it.
    usenapp, still under development, if you want, you can enter their beta program, by emailing them.
    Currently, I am using all of them, and my favorite one is usenapp, even though it still in beta.

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    I use NZBVortex for my NZB files and Usenetwire for the Binaries. Never felt the need to try anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLOVENZB View Post
    Switched from SAB, can't remember why
    NZBGet is faster if you have gigabit speeds, but I don't think that was your reason
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Usenapp and SneINL work good for me.

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    I use usenapp, it works great for me. And its search engine, Megasearch, is also great.
    NZBVortex looks like abandonware now.

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    I used a long time SABnzbd and I am happy with it.
    I find it is one of the best nzb clients on Mac.


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