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Thread: Bruce.almighty.2003.dvdrip.xvid-fts.avi

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    Hey guys, I downloaded this file from Supernova its XViD format as the filename says and GSPOT spot's it as this too. however it will not play.

    At first I could only here the Sound and that was using loads of diferent players. so I re-installed all my codec's and now any player I try to use i dont even here the sound

    is there a way to fix Xvid files ? for broken frames maybe this is the problem ??

    Any help appreciated

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    Also GSPOT reads the file ok but everytime I try access the film it crash's any program using it. Including Windows Explorer, Media Player, PowerDVD, BSPlayer

    Once again any help appreciated

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    Install FFDShow - Google It That Should Help BTW Is It The PROPER Or its out of synch

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    Woohoo Well its playing now matey using FFDShow however the codecs must be buggered or the file is naff cus it does not look as if it is decoding properly the image is all distorted. thanks for help so far

    When picture is still it is perfect quality however when it isnt it blurs everywhere. Sound is fine

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    Do you guys think it is worth me downloading it again ????

    It is on Supernova and there are a lot of seeders so it could of just been my download gone wrong could it not ??

    Is it worth trying again and does anyone have this version working ok ?

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    i DID have it before and it wokred but mine had PROPER in the filename

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    if its all messed up. It means u have codecs conflicting with each other. Try uninstalling all the codecs u have right now and just use the kazaa lite codec pack which has ffd show included.

    this happened to me with God of COokery. SO i speak from experience.


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