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Thread: Good News for Doom Patrol Fans

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    Doom Patrol drops the first three episodes of Season 2 on HBO Max on Friday, June 26, with a new episode dropping every week for six weeks afterwards. I'm a big fan of this CRAZY show ;if you are too it's only 2 days from now. hopefully somebody grabs and posts themnot a lot worth watching otherwise.

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    We obviously use different definitions of CRAZY. Yours seemingly positive; mine as: full of cracks or flaws; unsound or shaky

    Similarly, The Boys is apparently giving us another CRAZY season...
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    I don't think I made it past the sixth episode before I gave up on this show...

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    Couldn't have a go at the first episode, so I am waiting for the opportunity.

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    Give it another shot - it gets better the further you go


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