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Thread: Supernode Screwing Up My Connection

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    I posted this somewhere on these boards but I not sure it was in the right forum to get a quick responce.

    I am running a recent version of klite maybe not the latest, but it has all the plugins. Speed up, supernode, ksig, etc.

    So i tried to use supernode for the first time and tried to switch to some node to download a file quicker.

    Well it said it would close klite and restart. Well it did, but klite has never been able to connect.

    I have tried a few this messing with adding new nodes, trying to restore the old ones. Not sure I had much luck with doing any of it.

    The fact is that I don't care about supernodes and I just want to be able to connect again.

    Any suggestion?

    The version of super node is 1.4.0

    thanks for any help.

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    First, these posts for help should go to K-Lite related.

    Second: Did you only try one SN, the SN you try was not the best for
    this file - try some green marked - GREEN: FAST RESPONSE! - in K-Dat

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    The current ver. of KLite 2.4.3
    contains Kazupernodes ver. 147, which has a button that should solve your problem,its the white button with the red cross on it.

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    white button on red? don't know... cool...

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    so your telling me to uninstall my version of k-lite and install the latest.

    ok, that is one solution.

    I was going to do that but I figured someone might know a quickers answer.

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    Yep definetly 1.47 has vast improvements.
    You can also look at KaZuperNode Website for more information.


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