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Thread: A Thought On Beating Fakes

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    i realise this won't make more than a dent in faking but suppose every little bit helps...

    if you download a fake file, as long as its a legit one (i.e art of war floating around as minority report) rename it and edit the details so that it shows up as the original but warns people that files of the same size are bull - i.e. rename the file to "fake warning! etc..." and give the real contents (hey, someone might want the bullsh.. movie you just DL'd)

    if this a lot of us do this the most common fakes might be avoided...

    any thoughts?

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    Its a good idea and one I have used in the past anyway. There's a clip that says its called sarah michelle geller in the shower, I downloaded it and renamed it to Buffy early season highlights. I knew thats what it was before d/ling because I already had the clip from a web site and the size was exactly the same so I just presummed it was the same file.

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    Or you can report it to us and we will block it. Included in the program is a fakes reporting system.

    Peerbuddy for Kazaa A P2P Firewall/Quality Filter Beta block list now at 2,200,000 IPís blocked.

    The block list has been updated and now currently blocks over 2,200,000 IP addresses. New additions to the list are being found daily. Beta users will get an email with an update link. New beta users are encouraged to join at . No Ad-ware, Spy-ware or viruses.

    PeerBuddy is a mini firewall for P2P (Kazaa, EMule, etc). The program filters out the IP addresses of people who share blank, or faked files and it prevents you from wasting your time downloading those bad files. This will help with your downloads since a number of organizations and individuals are sharing bad and blank files out there. It is also going to be blocking known email miners, stalkers, spammers and surveillance companies.

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    The whole peerbuddy thing is pretty cool, but don't U diminish the number of files by doing that, 'cause most ppl who share fake files also have real files......just a thought


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