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Thread: Laptop Questions

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    PCG-FX370 Vaio like new buy it now for 795 the only problem is that processor is 1ghz even. Its 512mb sdram 3d sound, removable 3.5 floppy with hot swap 2nd battery that comes with it, all the plugs and ac adapters office 2000 and xp home.

    1st is it worth it for 800 free ship?
    2nd can i add a faster processor?
    3rd if i can how much am i looking at in USD?

    thanks for helping

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    Oct 2003
    1 yeah sounds good to me
    2 no but you can upgrade memory, hard drive,and maybe video but im not sure
    3 read above

    you could just get a laptop with a good processor but crappy memory and harddrive and upgrade. not sure how much notebook mem or hdd cost

    EDIT:check out the sites in one of my other posts. i forget which one it is but the subtitle has alienware in it

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    memory,hdd, and possibly dvd-rom are the only things u can is shared with memory (that doesnt mean u put more mem and get more vid)


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