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Thread: Think These Sites Are Legit?

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    alienware notebooks and aurora

    some more PCs

    my god im drooling!!! it says it is blackmarket. someone cold try it out with a stolen credit card

    U RNT LEET LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

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    i would be cautous.... but otherwise i would try them, i mean it sounds to good to be true, but if they are really cheating you then at least you aren't (at least i am assuming since you are posting on this forum) a complete idiots that can't check it out when you get it to see if it is really working etc... check to make sure they have a return policy... (ujust in case) if they don't abide to that policy then you can get a lawsuit gtoing... (for allot more then the worth of that labtop...)

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    you know what kind of world is this where we discus wether this site is real, i say go for it, i think im gonna because ive been looking for a cheap laptop and if they refuse to return it, im a minor, 15 don't know right and wrong and im sure that'' hold up in court. which in a way kind of goes against my "what kind of world is this statement", now im just confused

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    the two sites are the same thing! look at their FAQs, exact copy!

    thus, they are probly crap

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    None the less, those are some awesome prices on Laptops.

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    In light of what has happened over this situation we are now formerly a trusted company via
    just a REALLY bad typo.........?!?

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    maybe they are all refurbished

    edit: this worries me you just type in the name of the product here. wtf is that?

    okay i just filled out the email box and nothing else. It took me here
    Successfull Submitted
    As soon as possible you going to receive a confirmation of the order with western union info to payment. Thank you very much!

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    it looks like a trap

    try this for some crazy deals try there
    mad deals

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@28 November 2003 - 11:53
    try this for some crazy deals try there
    mad deals
    this site kicks ass

    i can get this for 1 dollar

    You haven't found a deal this sweet in a long time. So don't let it pass you by! Bid on this Pallet of Printers and Monitors.

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    doesn't it

    my friend got a crate of computers, he strung them all together, he's got so many, its like a supercomputer, he had to get a seperat AC, cause the computer room was so hot

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