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    Can sum1 give me a step by step guide 2 settin up a network between 3 computers? We all run XP. We dont have broad band we just wanna connect our computers 2gether 2 play games and share files. Were all connected 2 a switch but we dont no how 2 set it up and we keep gettin errors.

    We have tried usin the windows setup wizards but it aint workin.

    Please help


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    buy a router man, its alot easyer to network that way

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    wrong a router is a layer 3 device it is used to communicate with the internet. a switch is used for internal networks.

    make sure you are all in the same workgroup.

    control panel /network conections / right click your connection and properties and make sure you have
    file and print sharing protocol in that little list. otherwise install it.


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