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    on the main screen and when playing the game there are jsut coloured blocks where writing should be and i cant see what im pressing? anybody got any answers

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    mmm its probally missing a text file. ull have 2 figure which one out 4 urslef

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    i needed a patch thats all if anyone else needs it get it here and go on the gta3 pc section the download is there

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    Is it your graphics card or did you download the game because some1 could have tampered with the Main Screen text file.

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    there's an xp patch for the game that fixes this problem. not sure where to get it though, but when i first played this game back in the day, i had to get a patch

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    No, the problem is that he has a ripped version and they took some on the textures out so if u don't really know much about them (plus they will be hard to find) just download the full copy.


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