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Thread: Splinter Cell Or Metal Gear Solid ?

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    Which do you think is better and why ?

    I've never played splinter cell before, but I have played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty, and its one of my all time favorite games.

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    Well Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty suck, becuase they put a lot of video and no game play. I don't know about substance so i don't know. Splinter cell was extremly easy, but was a very good game.

    I can't wait to see what Snake Eater will be like. This will make up with the last version that came out.

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    Splinter Cell VS. MGS 1 - you have to give to MGS1, just because it made the genre what it is, and I still think it was a better game.

    Splinter Cell VS. MGS2 - Splinter cell, MGS2 was the most disapointing game ever. Take away the redicualous amount of movies the games takes about 2 hours to beat.

    I dont understand how people can like MGS 2, and if you do get a PS1 and play the first one. It is not the same on PC (the only time you hear me say that) just because the port is terrible. (controls wise)

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    I liked splinter cell because i felt it was way more realistic, if your into that. I found myself not feeling like the character in MGS2 cuz its just not real enough... what with the huge big-bird like metal gears

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    i still liked MGS2 better

    proud to be american

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    Originally posted by Agent Smith@28 November 2003 - 02:00
    . Splinter cell was extremly easy, but was a very good game.

    No way you finished the last level without a cheat. you are damn good or lucky if you did

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    why i beat it on hard no cheats you just need to concetrate and time

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    I downloaded the 5 CDs of MGS from emule, but never could get it working. has anyne else gotten the PC version working?

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    I completed MGS2 and SPLINTER CELL and at the end i ahve to say i enjoyed splinter cell a ot more Splinter Cell was a little to easy though
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    hey splinter cell had alot of movies too.. you could jus skip em though..
    well the ones after a long hard level were allways great to watch when i first played.

    MGS 1+MGS 2+Option that allows u to skip all movies+Choice between Radien and Snake (Snake by Default&#33= One hell of a game.

    If they started the game on PS2 and just made both titles into one.. i think alot of people will give this sucker a major higher rateing.

    btw, i heard something about you having to play Big Boss in MGS 3... ol fart kicks some ass still? hmm must be a clone or something.. and I hope he isnt a damn gay man thing like Radien. (euuughh ...the ass tight suit :x)

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