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Thread: Is Down?

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    I can't access the website and I can't download bittorent files from that site.
    what's happening to that site?

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    wot is voracity is it like suprnova, i netha heard of it before and ye i think it is down

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    There are torrent sites other than suprnova???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It could just be the server .This sites very slow.Try refreshing a few times

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    Nothing came up for me so it must be.

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    yeh i think the site is down too.

    let me ask u a question.
    i have a bt file from that site and had started downlaoding it but haven't finished. so if the site is down does that mean u can't download.
    because it seems that way for me.

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    There are torrent sites other than suprnova???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    yeah find other BT sites here


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