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Thread: Todays Games Spec?

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    i was wondering what would be a good system for todays gaming needs. games like splintercell, bf1942, kotor seem to be pretty demanding in graffical power. so what would u need to play these games at good speed?

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    somthin with 2gh. p4, 512mb ram, 64mb graphic card should be more than good enough for all the games on the shelfs today

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    Also make sure your card has a pixel shader, cause most good games are starting to require it.

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    All you really need to play the latest games is
    a mid-range mobo
    either a P4 2ghz or higher, or Athlon 2000+ or higher.
    512 mb's ram

    The Video card is were it changes, to play the latests and greatest you can always use a new video card, if you want to play the newest games at the highest resolutions and full graphics, you can always use the best card.
    But really most games could be played with a 60 - 70 dollar ATI or Nvidia card.
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    ive noticed the less hard-core games really require hdd space and a good vid-card....

    halo needs like a 800mhz...
    vice city needs like 900mhz
    call of duty needs like 1ghz

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    halo can run on a 800mhz? then either my vid card suck (current is mx440 64mb ddr) or i miss read my cpu label from 2200+ to a 333mhz or something cuz halo is running at like 10fps on my system


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