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Thread: Backing Up Corrupt Game Cd's

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    My medal of honor: allied assault cd (bought) has become corrupt, or atleast cant be read at a certain point on the disc. At first i didn't worry about it, and decided to make a backup of the cd and then repair the backup using cdmage. However, nero won't make a copy of the cd if its got a corrupt bit on the disc, so i need a program which can do so.

    Will greatly appreciate any advice so i don't have to download the thing over 56k, thanks.

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    Just make sure the disc is clean then copy everything on it to your harddrive and then burn it to a new cd. Should work if it's not scratched badly.

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    Use UltraISO or ISO Buster or WInISO to make a Image. i have all three and i think i used UltraISO to make images of scratched CDs. then repaired them with CDmage, then reburned them


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