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Thread: Emule V0.30d

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    eMule v0.30d
    November 27th 2003

    Changelog v0.30c to v0.30d


    Fixed bug with check diskspace
    Fixed problem with lost read-only settings in pref.ini after version change
    Fixed server TCP overhead statistics
    Fixed HTTP download dialog string resources
    We no longer send sources to Paused or Stopped files
    Fixed a bug where an NTFS compressed file could not be created because there was not enough free disk space to hold the uncompressed file
    Fixed memory leaks and flushing of buffered data to HD of paused files when file was canceled
    Fixed minor issue with queued local server source requests after new server connect
    Fixed problem with too frequently occuring server connection attempts with very short server lists


    Added grouping of local server source reasks packets into one TCP frame
    Sources to a Paused or Stopped file will be removed once an hour to remove old sources
    Source exchanges for complete files now sends sources with obtained parts first
    updated importer to load eD/ON v0.48 partfiles
    Files which could not be completed because of not enough free disk space can be resumed manually to try another file completion process
    Fixed sorting of buffered part file blocks to achive less HD stress
    More safety in part.met file reading
    new preferences for webinterface: enable/disable usage of GZIP compression
    Added option to save IRC/Messages-chats to disk ('context menu)
    some changes for less CPU load
    Searchlist: contextmenu also provides download in paused mode selection
    copy a selected comment to the clipboard [NoamSon]
    Updated MobileMule protocol to 6b
    Changed auto-versioncheck to a DNS-based method which is more effictive. Also the auto-versioncheck is now enabled by default

    Missing language-dlls are now downloaded and installed automatically by emule

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    You may also want to get the version Paul has put together with a nicer installer.
    Though it is still at v0.30c I think...

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    The current eMule ver. is 0.30e

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    It's recommended to update to 30e, there was a security bug in older versions.
    I myself am still testing the Kademlia version, but there will be a new one of that soon.


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